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Search engines that help you find whatever you're looking for. If you know the kind of information that you want, this page will assist you in identifying good web search engines to use.

Major types of search engine

Keyword Search engines
You know what you're looking for, and can describe it with some key words or phrases.
Google is always a good bet, since it has the largest index
Yahoo Search is the second most popular keyword search engine
Bing may provide results if the other two don't work
DuckDuckGo is generally seen as the major competitor outside the big 3
Exalead is a good choice and makes a change from the big 3
Blekko is still around, though not updates so much now.

Index or Directory based search engines
These search engines arrange data in hierachies from broad to narrow. Good if you need an overview of a subject or you're not entirely sure of what you want.
The Open Directory Project provides access to 16 main categories

Multi or Meta search engines
These search engines are useful if you need to run a comprehensive search quickly across a number of different engines, to compare results or to suggest search engines that you may not have tried before. The majority do a Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask search (GYMA, or GYM search depending), but there are differences.

Goofram for Google and Wolfram Alpha
Heapr for Google, Twitter, Wolfram Alpha, Wikipedia
Ixquick has a nunber of UK based engines in its collection
Izito 6+ standard free text search engines used
Kedrix Provides options for Bing, Yahoo, Twitter, Indian and Chinese engines.
Mamma been around for ever, good reputation
MyAllSearch You can choose from Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask (Jeeves), Yandex, Lycos, Metacrawler, Entireweb and DuckDuckGo.
Scour GYM search, + vote and comment on results
Search!o wide variety of different engines; 10 in total
Searchboth Compare 2 search engines at once, eight options
Sputtr has 7 categories.
Soovle for Google, Wikipedia, Answers, YouTube, Ask, Yahoo, Amazon
Trovando is a first rate choice and a personal favourite. 33 options
Zuula 11 different search engine options

Visual results search engines
Rather than a simple textual list of results some search engines will provide content in a visual format. This is great if you want a change, or to view results differently. These engines also appeal to students and children.

Cluuz provides network results This is a nice little search feature for hashtags on Twitter.
oSkope uses Amazon, ebay and Flickr images displayed as thumbnails
Quintura is an engine offering a tag cloud based on results
RedZ provides an arc of webpages you can flick through
Simploos The method of displaying webpages is by horizontal scrolling, with an automatic sliding to make it simple to the searchers.
Spacetime is like RedZ but larger thumbnails
TouchGraph for Google
Yometa takes the results from Google, Yahoo and Bing and displays them in a Venn diagram

Category search engines

Some search engines will create categories for you to narrow or expand your search criteria. This is good if you don't want to think, or need some help in areas that you don't know that well.

Ask suggests different categories
Carrot Clustering is an engine which provides options in various categories
Clusty provides clouds, sources, sites and time results.
Exalead has related term suggestions and other methods of narrowing your results
Gigablast provides some suggested terms/phrases
iSeek provides topics, people, places, organisations, dates etc as categories.
iZito provides topics to narrow a search
Yippy, formally Clusty. Clouds, sources, sites, time.
Zapmeta gives users basic options to narrow searches

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