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Multimedia search engines

Most search engines will have a multimedia tab option of some kind, usually for images or video for example. However, there are a number of specialised search engines that are particularly strong in this area.

Image search engines

There are an enormous number of image search engines that are available to searchers, and this collection really is quite small. However, it's worth pointing out that there are various different types of images - photographs, icons, free images, clip art and so on. I've tried to point out which engines are best for what.

Behold Searching 1,040,000 high quality images from Flickr
BYO Upload an image for BYO to find similar ones.
Coloralo is a cartoon and colouring in search engine.
Coverbrowser provides access to over 450,000 covers of books, comics 'and more'.
Everystock photo for free photographs
Fagan Finder lists several dozen good engines
Facesaerch for people, with scrolling results
Flickr creative commons search engine
FlickrStorm. is another Flickr search engine.
Freefoto for free images, over 100,000 of them
Google Images has over 1 billion indexed
Gifs, animated plus clip art
Iconarchive for 22,000 icons in 800+ sets
Iconfinder Search through 155,664 icons or browse 765 icon sets. Clear, simple, easy to use.
Incogna lets you find similar images
Macroglossa The idea is that you upload your image, it then checks it and works out what it is.
MorgueFile for free high resolution stock photography
Nachofoto is a semantic, topical image search engine.
Ookaboo Free Pictures of Everything on Earth. Nice although small (less than 600K of photographs) collection of free images
oSkope visual search thru Amazon, ebay, Flickr etc
Panoramio for local images
Phrasr is an interactive web-based application that uses Flickr images to illustrate the phrases that users submit.
Picanswers lets you post a picture of something for people to answer
PicSearch with 3 billion images
Picture of a provides pictures of different things - calendars, gardens, rabbits etc.
Pictures and box multi search engine for images
RevIMG allows you to upload an image and it will find others for you. Limited categories.
seeklogo. Looking for a logo? This'll help you find it. The database has over 200,000 images available for viewing and downloading.
Spezify provides a collage of images recently uploaded onto the net.
Tag bulb Many images from 8 image sites.
Tag Galaxy exciting, innovative interface
TASI reviewof image search engines, rather than a search engine
Terra Galleria new, limited resources
Tiltomo search by subject or colour. New and experimental
Tineye reverse image search engine
Viewzi has a power grid of results
Vintage Ad browser of over 100,000 adverts
V like Vintage is an interactive photo community and photo library and image search engine for historical photos.
WorldImages database provides access to the California State University IMAGE Project. It contains almost 80,000 images,
Yahoo Search has over 1.5 billion images
30 more options from my weblog

Sound search engines

Not so many of these engines around actually. Here's the few that I've found which are quite good.

A-Z MP3s for music files
Audiobaba is a next generation music search engine that allows you to find songs by acoustic similarity.
BeeMP3 for music files
FindSounds for sound effects and musical instruments
PlayAudioVideo Also searches video and images
RadioTuna finds radio stations across the world for you
SoundJax is semi autonomous sound search engine that indexes and renders waveforms, tags, and catalogues audio from the internet.
Soungle very good and lots of fun as well

Moving image/Video search engines

Plenty of these exist however, including some multi engines. It's also worth checking traditional search engines to see if they offer a tabbed Video search option - many do.

Blinkx TV video search
Clipblast "the world's largest video search directory"
CriticalPast Search over 57000 videos and 7 million photos.
Find any film is a database of films that are available in the UK. It's supported and funded by the UK Film Council and is very impressive.
Google Video Search for recent television programmes
Megavideo provides a database of fun videos.
Metacafe is similar to YouTube
OVGuide for videos
Trooker is a multi search engine that allows you to save your clips
Truveo finds videos for you. That's what it does.
Veoh for TV shows, movies, anime and more.
Videosurf for popular culture content
Yahoo! Video Search  broad search
Yippr Straightforward multimedia search engine that will check YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion and Yahoo for you.
YouTube is the most well known of these services

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