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If you're interested in South Africa, use this list of 23 South Africa search engines. A country based search engine is specifically designed to tell you about that country or region without giving you a lot of stuff you weren't interested in. The following list of country search engines isn't necessarily complete, so if you know of other country search engines for this country, let me know. If you own a country search engine and want a link just let me know. You might even want to advertise your South Africa search engine on here as well!

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Afrika.no http://www.afrika.no/index/Countries/South_Africa/index.html
Afrique Index http://www.afriqueindex.com/Pays/Afrique-du-Sud.htm
Aha! http://www.aha.co.za/
Ananzi http://www.ananzi.co.za/
Ask an aardvark http://www.aardvark.co.za/
Brabys http://www.brabys.co.za/
Business Broadcaster http://www.business-broadcaster.com/
Cape Link http://www.capelink.co.za/
Doorway South Africa http://www.doorway.co.za/
Easyinfo http://www.easyinfo.co.za/
Funnel http://www.funnel.co.za/funnel.php
iSeek http://ww1.iseek.co.za/
Linx South Africa http://www.linx.co.za/
Max http://www.max.co.za/
Open Directory Project http://dmoz.org/Regional/Africa/South_Africa/
SA Web Chart http://sa.web-chart.com/
SA Yellow Online http://www.sayellow.com/
South Africa Crawler http://www.southafricacrawler.co.za/
South Africa Search Engine http://www.searchengine.co.za/
Tradepage http://www.tradepage.co.za/
Win4Win http://www.win4win.co.za/
Woyaa Online http://www.woyaaonline.com/links/COUNTRIES/SOUTH_AFRICA/
Yahoo Regional http://dir.yahoo.com/Regional/Countries/South_Africa/

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