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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

You may have noticed that I've started to add Technorati tags at the end of my posts. There's some good information on the reasoning behind this at: Marshall Kirkpatrick: Following Up on the Bookmarklet. However, the short answer is that it makes finding my weblog entries a bit easier - particularly for me! If you're not currently tagging your weblog entries this is a very easy way to do it - you have a little bookmarklet in your links bar, click on it, add the tags you want, cut and paste the code and drop it at the bottom of your entry. Simple and effective.

Technorati Tags: , , , ,

Isn't finding your posts at Technorati a bit hard, because it is located in the general tag domain, not at a user level tag URL.

You don't have to point to Technorati, you can point your tags to, as long as you have the "rel" code, Technorati will pick it up.

So people will see your posts at Technorati which is good for exposure, and people will also see your posts at which is also good for exposure...and you will personally be able to locate your posts easier as you will be saving them at a user level tag in, not just the general tag level.

The only way aroun this usiong Technorati is if you could to site searches with a tag.

Here's my post explaining all this, check out the comments, especially FreshBlog, since you use Blogger.
Thanks for talking Freshblog up in this context!! I tag my posts with tags that point to my acct on but contain the rel="tag" attribute & so are visible on technorati & elsewhere. Here's my thoughts / expectations about these services:

I add technorati tags so that my posts are listed in a "current posts about" list. I don't necessarily expect to get much traffic to older posts that way, but at least my stuff is out there & visible on technorati's front page for that tag for a while.

The real benefit of my version of these tags (esp. if you're interested in finding your own entries, Phil) is the much richer tag navigation system on In addition to the code pasting you're already doing, this requires you to bookmark each of your posts into a dedicated account there, but the benefits in terms of ordered search & retrieval are worth it. See my series of posts at Freshblog, & get in touch if anything isn't clear.
I would love to see such a feature on Technorati, it seems easy to achieve, the search is allready in place, just not linkable or rss-available.

This would make my Blogger Category attempt alot more accurate. It is now based on a freetext search on blogger/blogspot, which is much too loose to really be a category listing of my blog, if technorati adds this feature it would really bring alot of fun things together. Technorati already has rss output of searches, just not when limiting to a certain blog. Fire that on up tonight and make me a very happy blogger.
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