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Thursday, October 06, 2005

I found Redzee today. It seems to have popped up fully fledged. It has everything that you would expect - web search, audio, video, directory, news, and people. It also has a (basic) advanced search function. Results of searches give thumnails (if you want them - they're the default but you can turn them off) a link to the Wayback Machine archive, a quick look function, opening results in new windows - all good stuff. Oh yes, they also have a toolbar as well. I did a search for me which worked fine, but I was slightly surprised to see that my site was listed in the column 'Sponsored Results' which is news to me! I suspect that they're looking to get advertising asap, and so are seeding this section with whatever they can find until they get real money.

I kept getting an annoying Javascript error when using Firefox, but when I switched to IE I was able to see the RedZeePedia, which gives me a nice little snapshot of appropriate information. My Robert E Lee search brought up a useful little box full of information. They don't say where they get this information from, but at least some of it comes direct from the Wikipedia.

The image search function worked well; in fact I got useful material from all the different search functions, though it was a slight irritation that I didn't get numbers of results.

RedZee looks like a good engine, and I'd be happy to use it, but I think for most people it will fall into the category of 'file away and forget until Google falls over'.

please read my article on redzee here. I would consider their toolbar to be malware.
Nah, RedZee is awesome! It's like Google pre-2002! I use redzee every day and if MSN had been 25% of what RZ is, I wouldn't have used google for a year now. Also it loves my corporate website, as google did pre-2002 before it became a text-ad whore of huge business.
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