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Friday, October 28, 2005

I'm trying to get together a list of British Librarians who are blogging. I've got about 2 dozen so far, but I'm sure that there must be many more than that. I'm keen to find anyone who:

* Wants to be in such a list
* Is a librarian/information professional
* Working in any library related profession
* Writes about things related to being a British librarian
* Has a weblog that they maintain regularly (once a week +)

If that describes you, please email me or leave a comment here, and I'll add you to the list. When I've got a reasonable number I'll put together a webpage or some such.


Library company Talis has a group of blogging staff; see for many of them.
Hi Phil,

I've blogged personally for about six years and have just started a professional blog this last week!

Hi Phil, do you have mine at
Some others I know of (but have no idea if they would want to be so listed):
Ian Snowley
Loopy Librarian
Information Overlord
Librarygirl UK ()I see has already commented)
Lilian's Library Life

If you put the wiki together I'll trawl through NetNewsWire and see what else I can find

There are some that re perhaps peripheral, eg Panlibus, Paul strictly are you defining librarian?

It's an interesting point whthere there are more out there or not hunch is there aren't (yet)
I tried library blogging for a while. It was greeted with such enthusiasm that I lost the motivation to keep going! I might be tempted to revive it if there's going to be a group of us.
I guess I too have to ask the question: How strictly are you defining librarian? I facilitate a virtual community around knowledge management and have a blog - but if it comes to it, I can shelve a libary book with the best of them! Do I count?
Hi Ady,

If you think you meet the criteria then you probably do. It's really self certification rather than a strict list. Feel free to join the Google group and try it out for size; you can always unsubscribe if you don't like it.
Hello, I have a library/work related blog, which someone has already mentioned - I didn't think anyone read it though! Lilian's Library Life. It's not very professional though - lots about how bad I feel I am at my job! Also have another one about library history - Libraries and the Second World War.

Would be interested in joining the group - maybe it would help me improve my blog!
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