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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Having a librarians mind and wanting to know things can be a terrible burden at times. I was thinking some more about the article I found How to Protect Your Search Engine Placement by Keeping Up to date on Industry Changes and I got to wondering who wrote it, how long ago and what its history is. I toddled over to Exalead which has a nice sort feature for oldest to newest hits and ran a search for the phrase. Up popped which carries the article, only in this version the interesting phrase is 'in June of 2003 alone, 5.5 billion searches were conducted online'. Remember this, we'll be coming back to it. The author of this piece is Corey Rudl. It's also found (without author attribution) on the Abaxe Web Box site and although a date isn't give, it's copyright 2003, and given the reference to June '03, I think it's reasonable to assume it dates back that far.

The article then pops up, without accreditation at and then at Megatonloh which states at the bottom of the article that it can be freely reprinted, as long as the courtesy notice and authors name remains intact. Oddly however the authors name isn't listed anywhere on the page! By the time we get to Make Money Online we still have the 2003 reference and Corey Rudl is back as the author. The date of the page as reported by Exalead is 02 July 2004. Now, that was all that Exalead gave me, but I was pretty sure I'd find some more if I dug a bit further. Google came up with the goods - about 9,300 hits. Given that it was 01.43 when I was looking for this, you'll appreciate that I wasn't going to go through the lot, but just take a few interesting ones.

The first reference in Google was to a site called Searchwarp. Interestingly, the article was added to their site on the 6th September 2005. Most of the content was the same, but we've now got a slightly different quote 'in June of 2005 alone, 10.5 billion searches were conducted online'. The article was submitted by someone called trionet, and the link goes to a website called Hostforwebsite. At the bottom of the article is the statement 'view other articles written by trionet', together with a 'Do not copy' statement.

It also pops up at Articlealley and was posted on 06/09/05, with the author being attributed to Ash Kawa. The June date and 10.5 billion search figures are the same. Now, tracking down Ash Kawa shows that he's the President of Hostforwebsite, and his biography states that he has 'written hundreds of articles specializing in helping people succeed when the competition is tough'.

Moving further down the Google listing, we get the site 'Doing Success', back to the 2003 date and authorship attributed to Corey Rudl again. Another result gives us Marketingtips with a date of October 31st 2003. Another site, the RudlReport also points to Rudl as author, as does another site echievements. I think we're now getting a fair idea, from a number of sites and dates as to where the article did actually originate from. (I'm also missing out a bunch of other sites that also say the same thing.)

However, we then get Free articles zone, which clearly states that Ash Kawa is the author, and we're back to the June 2005 date again. SEO Myths also carry the same article, again by Kawa. Self SEO also attributes it to him as well. Oh, and add in webhosting-articles to that list as well.

Just to confuse the waters even more, I also found the article as the major content in a newsletter produced by Veezit dated 2nd January 2004. This also doesn't state who the original author was, but the slight change in terminology to 'we' does make one think perhaps it was originating from this particular company.

So, there we have it. One article, minor modifications, dating from 2003 until only a few weeks ago, with authorship lets say 'disputed'. In the process of this tiny bit of research it appears that Mr Rudl was killed in a car crash some time ago, so unfortunately I can't ask him about it. I am however tempted to ask Mr Ash Kawa for his opinion of the matter. Anyway, you make up your own minds as to the rights and wrongs of the situation!

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