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Thursday, March 25, 2004

This is a great idea for raising the profile of your library. Deer Park public library in the US is running a 'Stump the librarian' challenge in April. Their librarians are taking on a challenge to find the answers to any questions asked within 24 hours. If they're beaten the person asking the question wins a prize. One rule is that there must be an answer to the question, and the person asking needs to know what it is (which kind of makes the whole thing pointless, but you know what I mean!) I wonder if any public library in the UK would be up for doing this?
A Google bomb is a situation in which you can run a search for a specific phrase that returns a result that has been manipulated by web authors to return a particular page at the top of the rankings. Google bombs have been around for a long time and 'French Military Victories' is a famous example. This link leads to a story that shows this is still happening, and that Google bombs can be created very easily. This is clearly a problem for Google (though Yahoo! doesn't fare much better), since it shows that it's easy to manipulate the results from search engines. It's just another example demonstrating that Google isn't as good as some people still seem to think that it is.
Given how crowded the market is getting, it's not a surprise to see that new top level domains are being suggested. These are .asia, .cat, .jobs, .mail, .mobi, .post, .tel, .travel, .xxx

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I think this might be a UK first - a school publishing an RSS feed. You can find details on their website.
Fascinating article on domain names, who they belong to, disputes over them and so on. It's from the New York Times, entitled Get Out of My Namespace
If you're into finding your ancestors/family history, this might be worth a look. Free Genealogy Search Help for Google allows you to input data on an individual, their parents, spouse, place of birth/death and it will create a series of searches you can run on Google to try and locate them. It's a great time saver.

Monday, March 22, 2004

This one's for web authors, since it explains nice and easily how to install a guestbook, either by using another site, or adding it to your own.
Nice news article from Newsweek on The competition facing Google. Brief outline of the history of Google, and a discussion on the contenders for the throne.
Another interesting article that states that it's a bad idea to rely on Google without checking out other search engine resources as well.
Toolbars are obviously all the rage at the moment. This article links to basic information about new toolbars provided by HotBot, and Dogpile, with Metacrawler and Webcrawler adding them in May.
Yahoo! has added a page rank utility to their toolbar. The page ranking of the Yahoo! utility is based on who visits a page, but it's based on people who are using their toolbar - the more visitors, the higher the page ranking. It's therefore not going to be very reliable, but it might be interesting. Still on in beta at the moment.

Saturday, March 20, 2004

This is supposedly a project designed to revolutionise the way internet search engines work: SEKT: Semantically Enabled Knowledge Technologies I can't say I have much faith in it, since they can't even put web pages together properly - no alt tags, no proper use of titles... if they can't even get that right, how they expect to do anything else defeats me.
A positive article on Google for a change looking atwhat Google is like inside, what it's like to work for and various other sundry points.

Friday, March 19, 2004

Website that provides some useful information on Spyware. The site also provides access to a removal tool.
Quick overview on how the giants are providing news services.
This looks interesting if you're interested in website accessibility. I've not looked at anything other than the TOC, but it looks like it could be useful. I'll check it out later.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Ask Jeeves is trying to extend its reach by buying Excite and iWon and it's estimated that it will increase its market share from 3.5% to over 7%.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Good article on just how important Google has become.
A magnificent article on RSS by Jenny. It'll tell you everything that you need to know about the subject. It's an absolute MUST READ. (In .pdf format)
BBC News item states that Google is the search engine of choice of more than 55 million Europeans.
Short useful article on ensuring you have a healthy computer. Information on virus protection, spyware and so on. Links to good utilities.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

I run a poll on my webpage at The Poll page and update it now and then. I've just finished the last one, and have started a new one, so feel free to give it a go. The results of the last one showed that only 51% always find what they want, and quickly. Over half of the respondents use between 2-3 search engines, 46% use the simple function with 2-3 words, most only search for webpages, nothing else (38%), and a whopping 60% don't think the internet will ever replace books. Full results are available via the link.

Monday, March 15, 2004

Yahoo! is ending development of AltaVista and AlltheWeb search engines. Although the AltaVista and AlltheWeb sites will stay, they'll become experimental portals according to Pandia.
This is a nifty little tool, which clearly illustrates differences in results between Google and Yahoo! It's very easy to use - just type in your search term and view the results (which take a few seconds to show).
Interesting and worrying article on how Google can locate passwords. Worth reading if you've got sensitive information on your system - can people actually get access to material that you'd rather they didn't?

Friday, March 12, 2004

In case you're wondering about that strange 'test' entry yesterday, let me explain. I've now got a nice nifty Xda II from O2 which allows me to connect to the net, send emails and so on. Consequently, using the email update facility from Blogger, I can now update the weblog when I'm on the move.
Short but useful article on the differences between Yahoo! and Google when it comes to Optimizing your pages for the two different search engines. Required reading.
I can't say that I'm surprised about this. An interesting article from CNN on how reference books are loosing out to the Internet. Talks about the advantages and disadvantages of what's happening.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

To see if I can add a weblog entry using my mobile phone. If you can see this then it's worked and I'll have a smug smile on my face!

Everything you've ever wanted to know about Google, from the newsgroup FAQ
Lots of interesting stuff from the Search Engine Journal on Microsoft's attempt to rival Google. Also provides a link to their beta service.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Yet another new search engine to take a look at. This one is called Search Mother and looks pretty good. Worth a try.
Very comprehensive article from on how RSS can help the busy librarian.
Get RSS and weblog alerts by email and SMS. Doesn't particularly appeal to me, but I can see how it could be useful.
The Google backlash continues apace. A short but interesting article from Forrester Research suggests "Google will win only one of the three search battles ahead.

Monday, March 08, 2004

I've written a short article on safety online for children which is available on my website, entitled Phil Bradley: The Child Safe Internet; safety online for children. It covers potential dangers and lots of links to sites that provide software, child friendly search engines and general good information.

Friday, March 05, 2004

Useful article entitled A Marketers Guide to Search Engine Marketing and Staying Alive in 2004 - Part Two looks at Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. The emphasis is on Yahoo, Microsoft being on the horizon and Google starting to fade a little.
Ask Jeeves is really trying hard to reposition itself in the search engine wars - Excite has been bought by Ask Jeeves which will take them from a market share of about 3.5% to a little over 7%

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Excellent article from Gary Price at WEBMASTRY which talks about the dangers of just accepting what we're told by the search engine.
This is a useful one to know. Amazon has just added a large number of RSS feeds so you can easily keep up with new offerings.
Another excellent resource from Michael Fagin - Search by File Format (beta) You choose the file format that interests you, and then you can choose the search engines that cover that format. Great if you need to find data in formats other than straight HTML.
Yet another article hitting Google. Commentary: Google's soft spot | CNET Do I sense a trend coming out here?
An interesting article from the Internet Search Engine Database on AskJeeves which is very positive, extolling its virtues. Given the article below, is the tide finally beginning to turn against Google I wonder?
An interesting article in entitled Google Grumbles discusses the increasing limitations of the search engine and suggests that Teoma is superior product in terms of the results that it delivers.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Another useful tool for web authors. This is a free bit of software that allows you to check your position in Google for various keywords. Download, rather than use on the web.
Nice utility for tracking keywords. Free, but you need to register.Free Search Engine Ranking & Keyword Tracker / Keyword Ranking Tool / SEO Rank : Search Engine Position Analysis
This is a very nice little utility for checking meta tags, keyword density, links and load time If you're a web author, it's worth taking a quick look at.
If your browser gets hijacked and sets a new home page and other oddities occur, your browser has probably been hijacked. The article: For Windows Users, 'Browser Hijacking' Is Only the Latest Threat - BizReport gives an excellent summary, together with good advice on what to do.
If you want to take the hassle out of submitting sites to search engines, you might want to try Website submitter which submits to 25 major engines for you. Shareware, costs $5.
Terrific article from Searchenginewatch on what happened in February 2004 Easy way of keeping up to date!
Despite blogs appearing everywhere, a recent CNN study has shown that very few people actually do blog on a regular basis. It seems that it's still very much a minority sport.

Monday, March 01, 2004

Newly updated Power Point presentation on my site on How to drive traffic to your website
This is a nice short article about creating sticky websites with some good factual information.
Broadband gets more affordable asBT launches no frills broadband 20 a month with an 80 startup fee. Only good for one pc - it doesn't support networking.