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Monday, February 10, 2003

Test Post
System 1:04 PM - [Link]
A new version of Ad-Aware has just been released. This is a free program that checks to see if you've got any spy-ware on your system. Trust me - you have. If you don't have any software currently on your system to check for this sort of stuff, I strongly recommend that you download it. Spy-ware is software that checks to see where you're going while you're on the web, and passes the information onto a third party, which uses it for marketing information. The most annoying aspect of this stuff is that it can slow down your internet browsing.

A classic example of how to annoy people who are trying to help you, from of all people the ALA. This is an example I'll be using myself in the future, and should be a lesson to us all!
Philb 1:00 PM - [Link]