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Phil Bradley's website
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My book, Social media for creative libraries was published by Facet Publishing at the beginning of this year. I am focusing on library activities and the tools that can aid and assist.

My latest news

Welcome to the newly revamped website!

I’’ve been spending some time sorting out my website and getting rid of the out of date material. I’ve put in new content and updated other content. I hope that you find it to be of interest, and that you get something out of the information that I’ve been able to provide.

Which social network should I use as a librarian?

The choice of social networks to use - or even if you should use them, is not easy. There’s a lot of options available to you as an information professional; Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and so on. I’ve put together an article that will give you a few ideas and options when deciding on how to spend your time.

200+ Search Engines!

There’s a lot more to life than just Google when it comes to searching the Internet. I have put together a listing of about 200 search engines in alphabetical order with a brief description of each.

Feel free to take a look and try out something different today!


As you might expect, I do a lot of stuff on social media, so I’m all over the shop! The following links will help you find some of the places that I’m usually found.

This is the blog that I use to keep information professionals up to date with the search world, and also items of general interest to librarians

Internet Search

This blog is used to keep people up to date with social media tools; which ones will help you achieve which activity. It’s got over 50 different categories.

Social Media Tools

Which social network?200 Search Engines

Need to find something on my site?

Looking for UK material? Use this search engine!

My blogs

Library Propaganda Posters for you to use and buy!

I have created about 50 posters for you to use to assist in any ‘Save Libraries’ campaigns that you’re running. You don’t need to ask permission; just attribute back to me, please.

If you want to buy some, you can get them from my Zazzle Shop